A Practical Total Synthesis of (+)-Antimycin A9

Takeshi Nishii, Makoto Inai, Hiroto Kaku, Mitsuyo Horikawa, Tetsuto Tsunoda

Received: October 2, 2006 / Accepted: December 21, 2006
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Abstract (+)-Antimycin A9 (AA9) isolated from a cultured broth of Streptomyces sp. K01-0031 was synthesized via an asymmetric aldol reaction using Oppolzer’s sultam as a chiral auxiliary.

Keywords asymmetric synthesis, asymmetric aldol reaction, antimycin A9, antibiotics

T. Tsunoda (Corresponding author), T. Nishii, M. Inai, H. Kaku, M. Horikawa: Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tokushima Bunri University, Tokushima 770-8514, Japan, E-mail: